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Utility Mapping Survey Code Template and Examples (AS5488)


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AS5488 Examples of utility service spray paint marks and mapping codes and descriptions. These are some basic code template for mark-outs and mapping symbols for utility service locators.

Markup syntax languages can help communicate system for details about utilities with reports, maps and onsite markings.

David Craig Young – Utility Locating Online

Below is a template example for mapping and onsite markings for utility locators.

Water Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UWMWater Main
UDWMDisused Water Main
UWHS Water House Service
UWHYWater Hydrant
UWAVWater Air Valve
UWSVWater Stop Valve
UWMRWater Meter
UWTPWater Tap

Fire Services Survey Codes and Descriptions:

Fire ServicesDescription
UFWSFire Water Service
FHFire Hydrant
FHBFire Hydrant Booster

Sewer Survey Codes and Descriptions:

USMH Sewer Manhole
USVP Sewer Vent Pipe
USFPSewer Flush-Point
USRMSewer Rising Main/Pump Main

Stormwater Survey Codes and Descriptions:

USTW Stormwater
USWPStormwater Pit

Electric Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UELVElectric Low Voltage
UEHVElectric High Voltage 
UEJBElectric Junction Box
UECBElectric Cabinet
UEMHElectric Manhole
UEECElectric Earth Cable

Gas Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UGLPGas Low Pressure
UGHPGas High Pressure
UGTPGas Test Point
UGMPGas Marker Plate
UGMRGas Meter

Traffic Signal Survey Codes and Descriptions:

Traffic SignalsDescription
UTSTraffic Signal
UTSPTraffic Signal Pit
UTSLTraffic Signal Light

Telstra Survey Codes and Descriptions:

Telstra Description
UTLTelstra Line
UTBTelstra Bank
UTTPTelstra Twin Pit
UTSPTelstra Single Pit
UTMHTelstra Manhole
TEJTelstra Elevated Joint

Oil Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UOHPOil High Pressure
UOLPOil Low Pressure 
UOMPOil Medium Pressure
UOLOil Line

Fuel Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UFUTFuel Unleaded Tank
UFDTFuel Diesel Tank
UFLFuel Line
USTUnderground Storage Tank

Communication Survey Codes and Descriptions:

UCOFCommunication Optic Fibre
UCCSCommunication Copper Service
UCPCommunication Pit
UCMHCommunication Manhole

Unknown Utilities Codes and Descriptions:

Unknown Description 
UUMHUnknown Manhole
UUSPUnknown Service Pit
UUSVUnknown Service Valve
UUSUnknown Service

Site Abbreviations:

AR – assumed route

DB – Direct Buried 

DTB – Depth to base

EOT – End of Trace

IC – Inspection chamber

IO – Inspection Opening

PIT – Utility Pit

NFI – No further information

NLA – Not located, assumed

NLR – Not located, marked/plotted from records

NS – No Signal

UTF – Unable to find

UTL- Unable to lift

UTS – Unable to survey

UTT – Unable to trace

CNO = Can Not Open

MH = Manhole

Ideal Detailed Mark-Outs:

-X = Exact Location (before and after)

-Utility Service

-Conduit/Pipe Size and Material

-Quality/Accuracy Level (ABCD)

-Depth of Service 0.05m (Denoted with ~ if estimated.)

-Position Located (Center, Obvert, Invert)

Utility site and map markings are under the AS5488 – 2013 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)

SAI Global Standards & Legislation


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