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Best Utility Design and Utility Service Mapping Software.
From design, project and asset utility management.

I will do my best to give a good general view and understanding of these mapping software’s in regard to utility locating and consulting.

These software’s are the main tools used by professionals and as a utility locator you will no doubt come across these maps or application to assist in your various jobs.

📱The main software utility locators should embrace is GIS.

A geographic information system is a system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data, for a great standard of utility mapping.

Integrated BIM and AutoCAD

Infrastructural Asset Management, Integrated BIM tools for building design, civil infrastructure, and construction. Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

AutoDesk, Most comprehensive for top tier professionals. Building Information Management (BIM) and Automated Computer Aided Design (AUTOCAD) Software such as Autodesk suite can be a complete software suite for all construction activities, Building design and pickups to most detailed surveying of utilities. It can be used with most total stations for -0.02mm accuracy for CAD.

As a Utility Locator this software is not something you would create with, but more so what some of your clients would be using with large construction projects. Utility Locators need to know how to understand, read and use these maps and not necessary create with them.

Who uses computer-aided design (AutoCAD)?

Architects, drafters, engineers, industrial designers, real estate developers.
-Land, Civil to Building Design and Construction.

Alternate options available:

🚧 Civil3d – Civil infrastructure design and documentation software

12d Model – Software for Surveying, Civil and Water Engineering

This software is specifically designed for ease of use. It can be used at all stages of a utilities project, and is particularly useful for large route selection and corridor studies. Niche AutoCAD for utility engineering professionals, design and documentation.

As a Utility Locator, I have seen many companies use this to create great maps, you will need to to know how to create, update, edit and modify with 12d to keep competitive among utility mappers.

Who uses 12d software?

Terrain modelling/geologists, surveyors, civil engineers. Geared towards: land surveyors, designers, rail and/or drainage. Utility design and computer aided simulation testing.

  • Road and Highways
  • Ports and Dredging
  • Land Development
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Rail
  • Mining Infrastructure
  • Drainage, Sewer and Utilities
  • Surveying
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Rivers, Dams and Hydrology
  • Environmental

Can be used with total stations for -.02mm accurate designs. Utility design clash features and flood testing for utility design. Pros: Not as large of a learning curb then AutoCAD, quicker drafting and testing specific features.

EXPORT/IMPORT FILES: ArcView Shape Files Input/output, DWG/DXF Input/output, Genio Input/output, LandXML Input/Output, MapInfo Mif/Tab Input/Output, Microstation (dgn) Input/Output, Geocomp Input, CivilCad Input,SDRMap & Design.



Great topographic mapping for workflows when multiple workflow integration is needed and simple to understand for any project managers to Laborers.

Who uses ArcGIS?

Geared towards the use of mapping for pattern data recognition and application. gis developers, Law Enforcement, Cartographer, Remote Sensing Analyst, climate scientists, city/urban planners.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD

SW Maps (FREE)

SW Maps is a free GIS and mobile mapping app for collecting, presenting and sharing geographic information.

Record points, lines, polygons and even photos and have them displayed over your choice of background map, and attach custom attribute data to any feature.

This software can be used with RTK GNSS systems for accuracy of +2cm, DGPS can get accuracy of about 1-2m and GPS accuracy of 2-5m pickups, in most open environments for topographic mapping of utilities.

Who uses SWMaps?

SW maps can be used by almost anyone for general purposes for simple topological digital mapping.

SW Maps Manual PDF

Download Application from PlayStore.


There are many more options and choices,

Google Earth is KML format.

Google My Maps. (Free, Simple, Easy Mudmaps)

https://utillix.com/ was a good idea, but unavailable to access anymore.


RD Maps, Radiodetection Ltd. Manufacturers App Software. (FREE)

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