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Complete List of Utility Locating Equipment, Tools and Devices.


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In this post I have gathered all equipment needed for professional utility locating. This equipment is necessary to have the best chance of finding buried underground utility services as a locator. Please inform us of any missing tools, devices or equipment that could be added to this list.

Electromagnetic Locators:

240v Plug Adapter Trace
Trace Wire
Thickened Tracewire

Other Locators:

Magnetic Locator
Metal Detector
Pipehorn 800 Series Pipe and Cable Locator

Ground Penetrating Radar:

Push Geological GPR
Handheld Concrete GPR


Tool bag
Foldable trolley
Non Contact Voltage Pen Tester
Portable Flash Light
Bilge Pump
Safety Traffic Cones
Ground pegs
Neodymium Magnet
Extender Leads
Endoscope Camera
Handheld Transmitter Receiver Cable Finder
Spare batteries
Ultrasonic Diagnosis Leak Detector Transmitter Receiver Gas

Personal Protective Equipment PPE:

High Vis Top
Work Pants
Hardhat (placed every 2 yrs)
Safety Glasses
Keep Spare Socks
Spare Uniform.
Steel Cap Boots
Knee pads
Hard Hat Shade Brim
Safety Mesh Gloves (for syringe SWMS pits)
Hand Sanatiser
Ear Plugs

Vehicle Accessories:

Orange Car Work Light
Wheel Bolt Fasteners Indicators
12v to 240v Car Inverter
Car chargers for phone, tablet and usb flashlight
Mobile phone
PSI Tyre Reader.

On-Site Markers:

Spray Paint
Standard as 5488 Markings Stencil
Plastic, Metal and Wooden Pegs
Marker Pens

Pit, Hatch, Panel, Utility Accessories:

2x gatic lifters
2x Small D-Handle Lid Lifter
Allen keys
Portable Screwdriver
Portable Wrench Set
Safety Signs
Steel roll bar for heavy pits
Optus Pit Unlocker
Lump Hammer
traffic cones
tiger tails
Pipe conduits for easy trace wire feeding
Clamp extender
Telstra approved pit guards
Pliers Vice
chemical spill kit
sharps collector kit
First Aid
Fire Extinguisher
2x Lifter Key

Computer Hardware:

Tablet (android)
Mobile Smart Phone (ios/android)

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