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Should Concrete Drillers Always Use Concrete Scanning Services?


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Yes, All types of utilities can be found with concrete slabs and structures, including power, communications, gas, portable water, waste, sewers and drain pipes. This depended on regulations on where you live to the people who constructed the slab and utilities within it. Unregulated construction (homemade/unprofessional) concrete structures with no documentation are the most unpredictable, wherein professional contractors usually have strict guide lines and regulations on how to create these concrete slab structures, and the uniformity of the embed utilities within it.

Why Concrete Drillers Should Always Use Concrete Scanning Services?

1. Avoid hitting Utilities

Utilities such as electricity, water and communication are present in concrete slabs and building structures.

These concrete embedded systems include Fire and Emergency Alarms, Water sprinklers, Communications, Power cables and other utilities that a vital in a buildings safety operations. Damage to these systems can lead to serious injury, building collapses and expensive repairs needed to remediate.

Power Utility Services in Concrete Slab before concrete is formed.

2. Avoid hitting structural supports

Concrete scanning can be necessary for long term success of a concrete structure. This can help not to hit structural support beams, rebar and post tension cables and other important embedded objects.

3. Avoid hitting rebar.

Hitting rebar can cause major issues, immediately and down the line years later, these issues can cause building collapses and desegregation of concrete surrounding the reinforcement supports.

4. As-built scans to verify drilling activities will be successful in there purpose.

Assumption is the mother of all mistakes. Assuming the plans of a concrete structural is perfectly as built is a bad idea, as a concrete scanner i have seen the disparages in what was planned and what was actual built. Planning drilling activities from pre-built plans is mos likely a bad idea. Plans to drill should always include as-built investigations, such as GPR NDD techniques and concrete slab reports. These as-built report can save you from mistakes found later, that will be extremely costly and in most cases, not having these reports can lead to highly unprofitable projects, with dangerous consequences.

In Conclusion.

Using a professional concrete scanner can save time, money, damages and potential injuries when penetrating any constructed surface. Below is yet one of a million examples of a close call which could have been extremely dangerous and easily avoided with concrete scanning services.

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