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What depth are Underground Utility Services in Australia?


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Can utility services be found anywhere at any depth?

Yes, cables, pipes and other utilities can be found at any depth. There are regulatory standards for utility depths but in some situations pipes need alternate routes because of obstructions and other reasons.

Later in this post, I will show you some of the regulatory standards for Australia, and outline what standards should be followed when utilities are installed. There are many factors on why these standards are not always followed or correct, such as weathering grade, obstructions when installed among other reasons. Below are some examples I found personally on the job and other organizations, companies and people that have shared there concerns about this issue.

QLA Telstra cables, not buried. Due to tree obstruction in congested urban area.
QLA AS5488 Potholed utility pipe photo.

Some utilities (mostly private residential) are not on dial before you dig maps. To have the best chance of avoiding dangerous utilities, contact your local certified utility locator before any digging, ground penetration or excavations.

What are the regulatory depth standards for buried utility services in Australia? Including Gas, Sewers and Storm Water Pipes.

The following graphics should give you a good indication on depths of various utility services in Australia. We have more in-depth information on this subject click here.

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