What can Concrete Scanning GPRs Locate?

GPR (ground penetrating radars) scanners are capable of detecting metal objects embedded within concrete structures.

The image is created from the signal transmitted and received from the scan. As locators, We can interpret the contrast of the gpr scan image from our knowledge (information, skills and experience), industry accuracy can vary but GPR technologies are Quality Level D from AS5488,

Each work site will have its challenges and limitations, having clear communication is essential for a good outcome. This is some of the fundamentals to identify potential targets.

Before drilling, cutting, or coring through concrete structures, our concrete imaging and scanning services can help you determine the location and depth of the following objects commonly embedded within concrete: Rebar, Mesh, Post-Tension Cables, Pre-Tension Cables, Conduits, Pipes.

What are the common objects that are located within concrete?




Pre Tension



What are some concrete structures that are usually scanned?

Following types of concrete structures can be scanned with most GPR concrete Scanners.

Suspended Beams

Slabs on Grade



Tilt Walls

CMU Walls

However, these technologies work on contrast and experience of the operator plays a major role in interpretation, identification and to determine accuracy. Industry Studies on GPRs have concluded, 2-7% accuracy error rates. GPR is QLD as of AS5488 2019.

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