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What a $900 Million dollar damage caused by…


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How much can utility strikes cost?

The optic fiber communication line going to Newcastle from Sydney, if hit, can cause damages of upto a $1 million dollars a minute in third party damages.

What is the Worst case scenario in Australia on Record?

The photo below is September 2009, an excavation caused optic fiber lines to be torn up, with third party damages totaling a whopping $900 million.

In February 2010, An Optic Fiber was hit, the third party damage was calculated to be $800 million.

As shown below in these photos of the work site afterwards.

How to avoid these situations?

When there is a chance of potentially unknown utilities within a work zone, Use a less destructive digging methods of excavation, manual digging, hand tools ext.

-Contact Council or Utility Owners to confirm what work will be taken place. Usually done through a one call system. In Australia this is 1100 Dial Before You Dig, Canada and USA 811. Follow all minimum criteria for safety while working with utility owners and government organizations. Instructions for insurances against damages and injury will be included in these “one call system” responses.

-Use Non destructive digging methods and follow all standards of safety.

-Use Industry/Company/Manufacturers/Asset Owners SWMS and JSEA

– Use utility locators to Identify, Locate and Protect Utility Services.

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