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How to Report Damaged Dangerous Telstra Communication Manhole Covers and Pits?


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Some you might think these old Telstra pit covers are quite sturdy and can handle the weight of public everyday use, after 30 years, not so much.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Avoid Stepping on broken or damaged Communication Pits, these old pits can collapse in with any weight or movement, without warning.

These pits only have about a 5cm lip rail to hold them up, even though these pits are made of strong thick metal, the railing can slip due to any shifts in the placement of the pit.

If the concrete on the outer edge is broken, loose or damaged in any way, it could collapse with any movement or weight.

Please Report Any Damage Seen to Telstra Pits.

Call: 13 22 03

If the bolt, concrete or edging is damaged or loose in any way, it becomes to dangerous to stand or walk on, and could collapse in with any movement or disturbance.

Take extreme caution with Telstra pits and avoid walking on them, whenever possible.

A lady in Melbourne fell through an old PMG (post master general) pit not to long ago. This happens more often then reported and can be avoided if damaged pits are reported as soon as possible.

It could give way and fall in any moment,

Don’t stand on pits or use as a hold of any kind.

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  1. The heavy telstra cast iron lid on the corner of millpoint rd and parker street south perth is broken and very dangerous i if some one treads on it you could be liable for a claim thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment Rodney, I will do my best to notify telstra asap.
      In the future please report directly to telstra.
      If you think damage to Telstra equipment might be a danger to yourself or the community, Call 13 22 03 immediately, and say ‘report damages’ or report via this link.

        1. Just called 13 22 03, “Kumar” answered and damaged pit was reported on your behalf.

        2. Telstra employee contacted me few hours later to check the pit for fixing, JOB NUMBER: 174465056

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