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What do Communication 📡 Cable Pits 👀Look like? (examples)


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Here are some visual indications of communication utility service pit assets. Of-course there are many types and standards when it comes to these pits, However these are some examples taken from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. These pits can have copper cables, Coaxial/coax cables, CAT cable lines and optic/optical fiber. These include services from internet, telephone, NBN, video/audio feeds, cable pay tv, power/electrical, security and general public and private telecommunications.

communication pits
communication pits

Please report any damage to communication pits you see, and never open or lift without permission or written authority from asset owner.

Types of pit lids, hatches, access covers, manhole covers and grates for communication pit configuration and communication utility pit applications. Types of Telstra utilities included are: pits, pillars, cabinets, underground cables, elevated joints and manhole covers. Manual Lifting training is a minimum necessity when opening or lifting these pits.

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