Best Affordable Covid-19 Coronavirus Mask for Personal and Work Use. ($12)

This is not medical advice. This post is inline with covid masks for mandatory guidelines for Australia. For more information on mask guideline for Covid 19 masks for Australia, visit the link below.

This post contains the best, most cost effective solution for businesses and personal covid 19 compliant masks.

Reasons I made this article:

These masks below are abit of a joke, they don’t give protection against much at all, and in-fact caused me more medical problems then they solved. I will give you a potentially a much better option of protection that will cost less over the mandatory period of wearing these masks in public and the workplace.

What happened to me and the main reason why I wanted a better face mask solution?

  1. The main reason was infections around the ear from skin irritations from masks that go around the ear.
  2. I was regularly getting alerts from my air quality app for my area for pollution
  3. I also wanted a mask that actually potentially could help protect from viruses like covid 19 (coronavirus), concrete dust is common with concrete scanning (utility locating) job sites.
  4. I also realized the waste of masks due to not being able to wash and reuse the ones I was buying.

Features and Benefits of a good mask:

  • No ear contact, with head strap
  • Air filtration from pollution and dust (replaceable P2.5 carbon filters)
  • Potential better protection from Covid 19 (coronavirus)
  • Comfortable, soft material with nose strap.
  • Cost effective (under $10-$20 each)
  • Washable and long lasting.
  • And lastly but un-necessary stylishly self branded.

The solution I found that was best suited for my needs was on etsy. When you know what your looking for, you only really need to know two things, what keywords to find this specific mask and what accessory works to modify it to a head strap, for a good no ear mask solution. ‘Cotton reusable face mask’ and ‘face mask straps’, these masks are popular but sometimes require abit of researching to find. They can be found on google, amazon, ebay and etsy. For people within Australia, I have provided links below to trusted suppliers that I purchased mine. However, these masks exist worldwide from China to America and everywhere in-between.

$12 mask, (Including shipping and branding text or monogram.)

I purchase one to test out, but ended up buying five more mask, just because I wanted to use a fresh one everyday due to sweating while doing my job and summer coming up it would only get worse. I could then just wash the masks every week and be assured of having fresh clean bacteria and virus free masks for the following week ahead for work.

Note: If used for work check with your accountant for a possible tax deduction.

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