What Types of Technology are used by Utility Locators?

There are many different locating technologies and techniques used for underground pipes and cables. The main equipment and tools that have proven to work over many years and situations are listed below. Available Existing Information (Maps) GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Acoustic Location (Sound) Infra Red Imaging (Thermal) Electromagnetic Locating (EM) Available Existing Information Gathering Maps … Read more

What is the Australian Safety Practice for Excavation Projects with Utilities Services?

Dial Before You Dig General Safety Practices. At Dial Before You Dig, safety of those working around infrastructure assets and the community is of high priority. At every stage of the project, there are measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of those involved in the project and others. Below is a basic … Read more

Subsurface Utility Engineering SUI Saves 4.6x on every dollar spent…

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An average construction project in the United States have savings of $4.62 for every dollar spent on SUE (Subsurface utility engineering). Why does SUE save 4.6x on every dollar spent? The concept of SUE is gaining popularity worldwide as a framework to mitigate costs associated with project redesign, construction delays, and to avoid risk and … Read more

What can Concrete Scanning GPRs Locate?

GPR (ground penetrating radars) scanners are capable of detecting metal objects embedded within concrete structures. The image is created from the signal transmitted and received from the scan. As locators, We can interpret the contrast of the gpr scan image from our knowledge (information, skills and experience), industry accuracy can vary but GPR technologies are … Read more